Something About…

School’s back in session, and I’m back in a writing workshop where they provide me with prompts.
(Sweet, sweet prompts. I am lost without them.)
Yesterday my professor asked us to write 10 lines that started with the words “Something about…” and gave us about ten minutes to work. Here’s what I came up with:

Something about my new apartment

Something about all that space that’s just mine

Something about how most of the time it’s empty

Something about the old-person smell that must be permeating the walls from the woman next door

Something about the noise always going on, like hundreds of invisible, tiny airplanes dive-bombing in the kitchen

Something about having more closets than I can fill on my own

Something about filling the living room with Clementi instead because math and rhythm need space to work themselves out

Something about turning the lights off, one by one, on the path to my bedroom at night

Something about how blissfully quiet the darkness is

Something about how that darkness, somehow, is mine, too

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